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Request A Personalized Video

Have a special occasion coming up? Axon Radio will create a Hi Def (4K 60fps) personalized video for you or your loved one(s). We will host the video using a private link on YouTube and send you an MP4 file that can be copied onto a CD or USB memory stick. Each 60 second video is $125. Request your video now!


How much does a personalized video cost?
$125 US Dollars

How long is my personalized video?
Each personalized video averages 60 seconds in length.

How long does it take to get my video?
Usually within 5 business days. We will contact you immediately if there’s an issue.

How do I get my video?
When completed, the video will be hosted on an private / unlisted YouTube page. We will provide you with a link to share with family, friends, social media, etc. We will also send you a digital MP4 video file via email or 3rd party transfer service, such as WeTransfer. The video can then be copied onto a CD, USB memory stick, computer, iPhone, etc.

What if my MP4 won’t play on my device?
We recommend using the private YouTube link rather than the MP4. This is only because we cannot provide technical support if you’re having trouble playing the MP4.

How long will my video be available through the private YouTube link?
Indefinitely. There is no time limit.

What do you say in your videos?
Video content is mostly dependent on the information you provide. For example, if it’s your brother Bob’s birthday, please give us as much information about your brother Bob – how old he is, when his birthday is, why you wanted us to create the video, etc. The more information the better!