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Stocking Shelves (feat. Oz Noy)

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    Stocking Shelves (feat. Oz Noy)

    Axon Radio

‘Stocking Shelves (featuring Oz Noy)’ is the highly anticipated single from Axon Radio’s album Shadow Logic.

Like many Axon Radio recordings, ‘Stocking Shelves’ is a fusion of jazz and funk. Wound in clashing time signatures, drummer Travis Brant seems to easily enjoy creating odd rhythmic tension. “It’s like having a totally normal conversation with someone, then suddenly making it awkward on purpose”, says Brant. “That’s the essence of what we try to create. Something unique and interesting to listen to.”

For ‘Stocking Shelves’, that awkward outside thinking is exactly why Axon Radio turned to jazz guitar legend Oz Noy. “He’s known for not playing it safe”, says Cory Carleton (bassist for Axon Radio). Oz Noy is well known for playing with top musicians that constantly push the boundaries – musicians such as Dave Weckl, Will Lee, and Jimmy Haslip. And if the insane amount of guitar talent on ‘Stocking Shelves’ doesn’t make you blush, the piano playing might. To round out the lineup, Matt Rohde adds his own two cents on keys. One listen to ‘Stocking Shelves’ and it is obvious why Matt is in high demand— Jane’s Addition, Prince, Christina Aguilera, American Idol Band, and more.

Cory Carleton (bass)
Travis Brant (drums)
Matt Rohde (keys)
Oz Noy (guitar)

Written and produced by Cory Carleton and Travis Brant
Drums and bass recorded by Darrell Powell at Studio D
Mixed and mastered by Travis Brant at Def Left Ear


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