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Axon Radio is an American jazz duo founded by Cory Carleton (bass) and Travis Brant (drums). Mostly known in the contemporary jazz scene, Axon Radio blends jazz, funk, and fusion, with modern studio production and a rotating cast of industry established musicians. Notable collaborations include Gerald Albright, Michael Lington, Paul Brown, Darren Rahn, and fusion guitarist Oz Noy.


Naptown Hustle (feat. Paul Brown)
Digital release June 9, 2023
Radio adds June 19, 2023
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Naptown Hustle is a fresh contemporary jazz single featuring two-time Grammy winning guitarist Paul Brown. Co-written and produced by Darren Rahn, Naptown Hustle is a tribute to Axon Radio's hometown, Indianapolis.

Produced & mixed by Darren Rahn
Written by Darren Rahn, Travis Brant & Cory Carleton
Darren Rahn - Rhodes, Organ, Synths, Programming
Paul Brown - Guitar
Cory Carleton - Bass
Travis Brant - Drums



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