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Become A Delivery Partner

Axon Radio Live relies on delivery partners to act as a gateway in the artist submission process. Since our broadcast is live, these partners assist to maintain the integrity of featured artwork.

Delivery partners can offer Axon Radio Live two different ways:

– As a free value-add to existing services
– As a fee-based service (charge whatever you want for access)

Become a Partner

Delivery Partner – Delivery partners provide a secure link for their artists to submit their own work to Axon Radio Live. This link only works from designated web pages authorized by the delivery partner. It can be a public facing website or a secure URL inside a membership portal. There is no cost to become a delivery partner.

Display Partner – Display partners have the same benefits as delivery partners. Display partners also get a physical / digital display to showcase Axon Radio Live, 24/7 in your place of business. Contact us to learn about startup fees.

Streaming Partner – Streaming partners have the same benefits as delivery and display partners. As a streaming partner, you also get your own live stream, running on your own YouTube channel, powered by Axon Radio Live technology. We handle all of back end technology and streaming services so you can focus on what you do best! Contact us to learn about the monthly fees.

Contact us below for more information!